Products / ALINA® -212 with adsorbent filter media



Protection Class
Protection against
Dust/Mist/Ozone/Nuiscance Level Asid Gas
Priduct Usage
Non Reusable
Fine Dust
Oil&Water Based Mist
Nuiscance Level Asid Gas
EN149:2001+A1:2009 FFP1 NR D
3D FlEX-TO-FITt®Technology
Increased Surface Area
Universal size
Adjustable Headband
Individual Packaging

Increased surface area: 
• Lowers breathing resistance
• Minimises the build-up of hot air inside the facepiece
• Provides improved breathing ease and comfort
Adsorbent filter media: 
• Provides protection against acid gases (below 1 OEL)
Unique 3D Flex-to-Fit®Technology: 
• Accommodates 3-dimensional facial and head movements making the mask much more comfortable to wear 
• Reduces the misting of eyewear 
• Provides unique comfort while ensuring outstanding level of protection effectiveness
Universal size:
• Fits faces of any shape and size 
Does not require additional fitting
Sculpted nose seal: 
• Curved, low profile design
• Conforms well to nose and eye contours 
• Helps provide a good field of vision 
• Improves compatibility with eyewear

Adjustable Headband: 
• Colour coded to indicate performance level – blue (FFP2)
• Holds the respirator securely in place, providing additional comfort during use
Exhalation Valve: 
• Effectively removes heat and moisture, providing a cooler and more comfortable wear 
• Minimises the fogging of eyewear by removing exhaled air

Individual packaging: 
• Hygienic packaging helps protect the respirator from dusting and contamination before use 
• Allows practical storage and dispensing in the workplace